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Building influencer communities

Content on autopilot.


Communities that care about the game

Influencers that love your games for your games.

That is how real communities are made.

Your future community will be supported by us with:

  • Events

  • Growth

  • Sponsorships

  • Data collection

  • Authentic content

  • Long-term relationships

Hey Game Studios!


looking for investment or self-publishing?

1. Validate your game

Have the Key Opinion Leaders in your niche review your game

2. Optimise your game for Social Media Performance

Find out what needs to be changed to increase views/conversions/engagement by influencers

3. Leverage their own communties

Bring their own communities into yours. Leverage their Discords/Telegram/Group chats and watch yours grow


We support all Pitches by creating tailored Pitch decks to assist.

See what our clients think of us


Sandy - Game Marketing Lead


"Social Synergize... A LIFE SAVER!!

They are so good at what they do and really get stuff done. Not only that, but they are changing the game of influencer marketing. They understand small budgets and realize 10,000 dollars on one influencer is just too much! They do everything from 1 off influencer campaigns to seeding which helps to build an army of influencers. Callan is great, fast at responding and knows a great deal about the industry. 10/10 would recommend".

Edgaras - CMO

Untitled-2-1024x300 (2).png

"So far the overall experience is actually great. They are really responsive and active when it comes to working including brainstorming sessions. Also, they are really keen when it comes to any changes and improvements. Basically, they are trying to adapt to project needs and try to bring the best possible results.

Regarding their work, what I have seen so far, they will always do more than they were asked for and than was expected.

In the first month we reached our goals and even overcame them and are currently working on possible improvements together to reach even better results in month two.

Talking about the human factor and in general personality, Callan is a really great person who is willing to learn and push himself to the limits to improve. Also, I had a lot of great conversations with him besides work".


"We were super happy working with the Synergize team who provided us the perfect types of influencers, and then managed our live events across a two week windown. Between the live streams and the social content, we drove a ton of views to our game on a cost effective budget".

Tommy Marcus - Head of studio operations

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Who is the team?


Callan Saurma-Jeltsch


Stan Healy

Our team is dedicated to building communities.

We have had enough of influencers being single-use. Games weren't making communities from their biggest fans - influencers.


There is an ocean of talented influencers out there. From Twitch to TikTok many influencers deserve a chance at creating a career in what they love.

Our goal is to help brands navigate that ocean and find influencers willing to join their games.

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Trusted by

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How do we do it?


Target and research influencers

Contact influencers and collect data

Target and research segments include:

  1. Niches

  2. Following sizes

  3. Views + Engagement rates

  4. Locations

  5. Genders

  6. Languages

  7. Platforms

download (2).jfif

Create content and optimise Synergy

Initiate the brand relationship

Review influencer responses to gameplay and your offer


Consider influencer thoughts on social media performance improvement

Onboard influencers


Influencers create content


Analyse content and support influencers to optimise performance


Review campaign data




Want to know how we can do it for you?

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